4th March 2024

MIPIM 2024: what will we see on the agenda?


With MIPIM just around the corner, we’ve spoken to our team to hear their insights on the topics shaping the industry in 2024.

Here’s what directors Gareth Atkinson and Leah Stuart, who are both members of NLA expert panels on net zero and transport and infrastructure respectively, had to say in the first of our series:

Gareth Atkinson, director in our London studio, commented: “There are a number of major policy changes on the horizon that will seek to address embodied carbon spend, which is causing the industry to rethink past approaches. Many developers are getting ahead by introducing embodied carbon targets, becoming more innovative in their approaches to development, and seeking ways to reuse, repurpose and take apart buildings for the circular economy of materials. It’s critical we use forums such as MIPIM to really step this up.

“One particular area of growth for the industry is the retrofitting of commercial buildings in city centres. There are many existing assets which provide immense potential to be refurbished, reused and extended to provide space and capacity for homes in central locations. The world is increasingly adopting the 15-minute city model – where communities are closely connected with all the amenities people need to work, live and play in close proximity – in response to the climate emergency, so this trend will only gather traction.”

Leah Stuart, director in our Leeds studio, added: “It’s so important that we use forums such as MIPIM to champion investment in the North and discuss how we can make our cities and transport more inclusive at the same time. There are many projects in the pipeline, including big-ticket projects like Leeds Mass Transit and extensions to the Manchester Metrolink which will boost economic growth in the area, but we also need significant investment to prioritise walking and cycling to deliver a step change to the health and wellbeing of communities.

“There are lots of opportunities for funds to be spent in a progressive way, that addresses inequalities in our transport systems and benefits everyone in our northern towns and cities. It’s crucial we deliver intelligent infrastructure that performs across multiple criteria, and transport projects which also enhance biodiversity, manage localised flooding and make places more beautiful.”

Our CEO Stephen O’Malley, Katrina Davis, our director of communications and culture, and Andrew Ruck, director in our London studio, will be attending MIPIM to share insights on how we can create an urban and natural environment that is fit for the future. Our team are keen to meet about our other studios and work in other cities. So, if you’re attending MIPIM and would like to arrange a catch up or would like to hear more about our stand session, please get in touch with Katrina Davis at

MIPIM 2024: what will we see on the agenda?