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Field Day Festival

An appraisal of existing disused warehouses at Orbital Business Park in Enfield to turn them into a music festival and performance venue for the next three years, with the opening event the Field Day Festival in June 2019.

The business park site is a series of adjoined large warehouses with the biggest at 110m long, 24m wide and 24m high. We have carried out our initial appraisal and produced a feasibility report into the condition of the existing structures, highlighting defects and where remedial works are required. This involved two of our engineers spending several days on site, with one of those days spent 25m up in the air on a cherry picker so we could get amongst the roof trusses and rafters. Definitely not for those with a fear of heights!

As the work and proposals progressed, we looked at supporting new lighting and rigging from the roof, as well as temporary stages and other pieces of infrastructure that were necessary to host the thousands of festival goers. Now an epic venue space!

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Field Day Festival