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Gascoigne Estate Phase 2

This project is part of the wider regeneration scheme for the Gascoigne East Estate in Barking. Built in the 1960s the existing estate features a number of deteriorating high rise towers, low rise blocks, and a lack of useable community space. The proposals represent an important opportunity to regenerate the neighbourhood and deliver new apartments, schools and community facilities in a place where people will want to live.
Phase 2 of this project involves the creation of over 526 new homes, commercial space and a community centre for the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. The new accommodation is split into six blocks, varying in shape, from 4 to 14 storeys in height. This parcel of the proposed development also includes a large landscaped square and a new street network to serve the buildings.
We are providing structural, civil and transport engineers for the buildings. The structures are reinforced concrete optimised to reduce embodied carbon. This followed on from earlier options which explored MMC options in cross laminated timber and pre-cast concrete which were eventually ruled out for various reasons. Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) measures are being integrated into this landscape using features such as raingardens and permeable paving to reduce the volume of attenuating storage tanks required. Our transport engineers have facilitated a pedestrian friendly, car free development incorporating underground refuse collection systems and the special vehicles required to service these.
Demolition of the existing blocks is now complete, and the crushed material being reused on site as far as possible. Construction of the first new build block commenced in June 2020.
Following on from our work to date on the main building scheme and public realm for phase 2 we have been appointed as civil and transport engineers on the wider place making strategy for the entire Gascoigne estate.

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Gascoigne Estate Phase 2

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