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Hillhouse Road, Hamilton

The development comprises a new-build 3-storey retirement living development on a vacant brownfield plot, with feasibility being undertaken for an adjacent site as a potential phase 2 of the project. The structural form of the development generally comprises trench fill foundations with timber and steel superstructure.

Detailed negotiations with the South Lanarkshire Roads department were undertaken to ensure access to the development would be granted consent. To that end we prepared and submitted an access statement during the pre-planning consultations to justify the vehicle movements into and from the development from the busy Hillhouse Road. This appraisal demonstrated that the proposed access and car parking would cause little detriment to users of the existing road network and allayed the roads officers’ concerns, resulting in a positive outcome.

The site also had considerable drainage constraints due to lack of capacity in the local infrastructure, however through careful design and detailing and the utilisation of extensive SuDS measures we were able to mitigate the discharges and secure agreement from Scottish Water for the connections to their combined drainage system.

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