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Poynton, Cheshire

Poynton is a small town in Cheshire, some 8km south-east of Stockport.

Two major routes pass through the centre of Poynton, the north-south A523 London Road (26,000veh/day) and the east-west A5143 Chester Road (10,000 veh/day). These routes join at Fountain Place, the centre of the town, which had become a large traffic signal junction prior to the public realm scheme. Park Lane, the main shopping street in Poynton, leads east from Fountain Place.

Cheshire East Council commissioned Civic Engineers to develop phase 1 from Stage C design through to construction for the regeneration of the town centre. The scheme comprised extensive repaving works to Park Lane, removing formal crossings and introducing courtesy crossings; lowering kerbs and giving additional space to pedestrians. The principles of shared space underpinned the complete scheme from the outset, with a design speed of around 18 mph established.

The completed £4m scheme was completed in 2013, the positive impacts of the works have seen significantly higher levels in foot fall, cycling, improved retail performance, better road safety and security as well as a general uplift in village vitality.

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Poynton, Cheshire