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Vita, Cardiff

A £30m development to create high quality student accommodation in the heart of Cardiff city centre. The site is sensitive, in close proximity to the World Heritage protected Civic Centre, and containing part of a listed terrace. A significant man made water course, the Dock Feeder, is culverted and runs below the site.

The proposals include retaining the listed 11 Park Place and converting it from office to student studios; demolition of the Bradley Court office building; and replacing this with an 18 storey tower, with a public restaurant at street level. Significant new public realm will be created forming a new square fronting onto Park Place. In total approximately 375 units will be created.

Structurally the new tower is a reinforced concrete frame with flat slabs, and a repetitive column arrangement for efficiency. Stability is provided by the central core. At foundation level a number of the columns require transfer structures to straddle the buried 6m wide culvert.

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Vita, Cardiff

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