Withington Girls School
Structural Engineer

Withington Girls’ School, Manchester

In collaboration with Levitt Bernstein Architects, Civic Engineers are appointed as Structural and Civil Engineer to the Withington Girls School extension project.

The project includes the construction of a new two storey building, the Junior School, located to the rear of the site, and a roof structure that will enclose the existing courtyard creating a Hub/circulation environment between the various surrounding existing school buildings.

The superstructure of the Junior School extension is a precast concrete frame utilising load-bearing precast concrete walls supporting precast concrete lattice planks floor slabs.

The superstructure of the hub roof is to be a steel structure supported primarily by four timber tree columns and two individual steel columns located towards the perimeter of the hub roof. Further limited support is taken from the existing surrounding buildings. A network of steel beams, spanning between these columns and framing the roof light openings provides support to cold-formed purlins supporting roof deck and finishes.

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Withington Girls' School, Manchester