20th March 2024

Reflections on MIPIM 2024


Last week, three of our team representing all of our studios across the UK made their way to Cannes for MIPIM 2024. CEO Stephen O’Malley and Katrina Davis, our director of communications and culture, joined Andrew Ruck, director in our London studio, who arrived on two wheels as part of Club Peloton’s Cycle to MIPIM event.

Our team networked, collaborated, engaged with industry leaders, chaired expert panel sessions and shared insights drawn from our experience of creating inspirational places and structures that have a positive impact on the environment and people’s lives. You can catch up on our stand session on ‘Greener Manchester’ here. Katrina has shared her reflections on the experience:


Since I returned home I have been thinking a lot about how to sum up my first MIPIM. There was a bit of me that was quite nervous and apprehensive about the week ahead. Looking back now I can happily say what an incredible experience it has been and I absolutely loved it! There are a few things that really stood out for me including;

  • Collaboration – We were lucky enough to attend as part of the Manchester at MIPIM delegation and we presented our work on the Gascoigne Estate as part of Opportunity London. With both of these it was great to see and hear about the impressive public and private sector partnerships that are helping to shape our cities for the better.
  • Female solidarity – this was incredible! What a network. All looking out for each other and a lot of that facilitated by Women in Property North West and Ladies in Real Estate. We also have some great allies. There is still so much work to do here though.
  • Content – I learnt a lot. There were some brilliantly curated stand sessions and we as Civic Engineers were proud to contribute to that content to both showcase the cities where we work but also to discuss where we can improve and how we can challenge each other more.

Thanks to my colleagues Stephen O’Malley and Andrew Ruck for their company and support, particular kudos to Andrew for surviving the Club Peloton Cycle to MIPIM and then two days of networking whilst injured. I’ve made some great new connections and also new friendships.

Reflections on MIPIM 2024