1st February 2021

Reviving the heart of Stretford

Over the last few years there has been much focus on how our high streets and town centres need to change. Now, with the need to urgently address the issue of climate resilience and also deal with the way covid has transformed our lives, there is an even greater need to make them healthier, more climate resilient places, where people can access everything they need locally. A great example of this is the work we are doing as part of the project team seeking to revive Stretford town centre in Greater Manchester.

Stretford has faced considerable challenges with reduced footfall and unlettable empty retail units, there is an existing shopping mall that has already partly been demolished. The remaining part is still too large to function sustainably and has become very separate from the rest of the town. Working alongside Feilden Clegg Bradley, Exterior Architecture and Avison Young for clients Bruntwood and Trafford Council, we are the transport and civil engineers on this transformational project that will rethink and reconfigure the town centre. The priorities are;

  • Improved connections particularly in terms of active travel and better links to the tram
  • Prioritising sustainable transport and low car lifestyles
  • More public space and open, greener spaces
  • Development and opening up of the canal
  • A better busier town centre where people will want to spend time.


The emphasis is on ensuring social, economic and environmental sustainability for the town and the project has got off to a flying start with the announcement that £18m of Future High Streets funding has been awarded!

Public consultation is in progress. To comment on the proposals and have a say visit

Reviving the heart of Stretford