9th November 2021

Week 2 Civic comments on COP


We’re now in Week 2 of COP26 and it’s all set to be a busy week with our Civic Engineers event taking place on Wednesday. We’re looking forward to welcoming many of our clients, collaborators and visitors to the city.

A number of our Leadership Team are also in the city attending industry events and catching up with contacts. With the week focusing on key issues such as gender, transport, cities, regions and the built environment, we collected more thoughts from our team about what they would like to see come out of the conference as a whole;

Senior Transport Engineer, Emily Ingham said she would like to, “see agreement from governments to ensure that their big businesses spend as much time and money deinvesting from their involvement in things like fracking, other fossil fuels, arms, nuclear, prison systems etc, as they do on token efforts and greenwashing.

Our Head of People & Culture, Caroline Todd wants “pressure put on China to align with other nations and show full commitment to reducing its carbon omissions, as well as all nations further investing in renewable energies. I’d also like to see the richest nations providing more support to smaller poorer countries, where the impact of climate change is totally devastating to their way of life.”

Week 2 Civic comments on COP