25th July 2018

Regenerating St Ignatius Church, Salford

In collaboration with Arca Architects, we are working on the regeneration of St, Ignatius Church, a Grade II listed building in Salford, Greater Manchester. As civil and structural engineers on the project, we will be helping to achieve the vision set out to turn this currently derelict heritage building into a place and building that can be used by the local community. Planning permission for the regeneration has already been granted.

The proposed works for the regeneration are planned to be carried out in 2 phases;

  • Phase 1 which will see the restoration and conversion of rectory into a community centre which would include a new reception area, new external lift and enveloping works to prevent further water ingress and decay of the building
  • Phase 2 will see the works to fit out the church space.

Projects that involve the regeneration of historic, listed buildings are often complex from an engineering point of view. The church structure comprises load bearing external brickwork walls and with intermediate stonework columns. It’s assumed the ground floor consists of a ground bearing concrete slab overlain with timber floorboards, whilst some areas in the western section of the church have a screed floor. The roof structure consists of timber trusses with an external roof cladding of interlocking concrete tiles. The rectory is made up of timber joisted floors spanning between the load bearing external brickwork walls, whilst the external roof cladding of the rectory is similar to the external roof of the church with interlocking concrete tiles.

The project is expected to complete in spring / summer 2019.

Regenerating St Ignatius Church, Salford