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Shugborough Estate Re-Orientation

National Trust
Civil, Structural and Transport Engineer
Arts and Cultural
Active travel
Heritage & Culture
North England
Citizen Design Bureau


We have been appointed by the National Trust to ‘re-orientate’ the existing experience for guests and visitors to the historic listed building and landscaped Shugborough Estate in Staffordshire.

The vistas provide a setting for magnificent views of the historic monuments housed within the parkland. The vision is to enhance the stunning landscape and grounds to maximum effect by re-orientating the existing access and parking arrangements on the estate.

As the lead consultant, working with the National Trust to coordinate the design process, we will design the necessary infrastructure to relocate the access junction and provide a new road through the estate. Working on grounds such as these requires specialist civil and structural engineering expertise, due to an additional requirement of a new route (road?) under and adjacent to the railway line.

Working with Citizens Design Bureau, we are also developing proposals for additional buildings including a café. A new visitor’s reception area and adventure playground will also be incorporated adjacent to a quarry wall and WWII water tower on the site.

As was the original vision of brothers Thomas and George Anson who developed the Arcadian-landscaped estate during the 18th Century, the National Trust is keen to improve access across the estate for visitors and local communities alike. This allows our engineering team to consult and engage with a wide range of specialists and stakeholders to ‘unlock’ the project and see the spaces opened up to a larger audience.

The project designs will be put through planning application Autumn 2022.

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