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Mark Solley Graduate Engineer
Craig Turner Senior Engineer
Mike Smith Design Engineer
Charles Hollingsworth Senior Engineer
Susanna Capriotti Graduate Engineer
Kieran O’Shea BIM Manager
Dominique Pitman Graduate Engineer
Claire Stone Business Administrator
Ed Robinson Senior Engineer
Grace Foster Design Engineer
Tatiana Ostracka Finance Assistant
Dan Podesta Design Engineer
Nanette Heystek Graduate Engineer
Karolina MadaliƄska Graduate Engineer
Joe Manson Design Engineer
Stuart Dougal Design Engineer
Scott Manning Design Engineer
Liam Heyes Graduate Engineer
Andrew Peebles Design Engineer
Aaron Carr BIM Manager Glasgow
Alfie Brewster Apprentice BIM Technician
Cher Wilkie Head of Bidding and Digital
Daniela Zaman Design Engineer
Hannah Rathbone Senior Engineer
Rebecca Keachie Graduate Engineer
Tyron Mullins Graduate Engineer
Sam Harland Associate
Jessica Foster Senior Engineer
Isla Jackson Director
Iain McIntyre Director
Hynek Tucek Design Engineer
Julian Broster Founding Director
Ben Farmer Apprentice IT Support Technician
Stephen O’Malley Founding Director
Andrew Rycroft Engineering Technician
Caroline Todd HR Manager
Lee Kierans Senior Engineer
David Shodeke Design Engineer
Gareth Atkinson Director
Thomas Betts Business Analyst
Rachael Fitton Design Engineer
Emma Noel Finance Assistant
Paul Cooper Director
Callum Burnett Graduate Engineer
Giovanni Smanio Design Engineer
Jason Pentreath Consultant
Jonny McArdle Design Engineer
Claire Young Design Engineer
Paul Morris Director
Kat Dewell HR Assistant
Michelle Wilson Financial Controller
Simon Hagan Senior Engineer
Robert Westcott Director
Paul Mellor Senior BIM Technician
Peter Collier Design Engineer
Areti Vagena Office Manager
Ian Bennett BIM Manager Leeds
Leah Stuart Head of Transport
Katrina Davies Communications Manager
Ieva Baciulyte Graduate Engineer
James Bruce Associate Director
Simon Keating Consultant
Tom Murphy Design Engineer
Kevin Hagan Associate Director

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